Unveiling Palma’s Sophisticated Design Solutions

Palma is not only known for its lively atmosphere, vibrant culture, and rich history but is also emerging as a hub for sophisticated design solutions that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with traditional charm. As the demand for high-end interiors grows, several establishments in Palma have risen to the occasion, offering unparalleled design experiences that elevate the aesthetic appeal of homes and commercial spaces. In this blog, we delve into the sophisticated design solutions that make Palma a haven for those seeking a blend of elegance and innovation.  Explore the city’s sophisticated interior design solutions that elevate spaces to new heights.


ESPACIO Home Design: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

ESPACIO Home Design, born in Palma, with over 40 years of interior design, home decor, and designer furniture expertise, collaborates with top international design and home companies alongside their own brand. With 6 specialized stores in Palma, they offer everything for the home—furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and dressing rooms. ESPACIO Home Design crafts a contemporary, intimate, and inviting vision of living spaces by blending natural materials with innovative forms and timeless style.


Occhio Store: Illuminating Palma with Innovation

A new culture of light is born in Mallorca with the opening of Occhio Store, which can be visited at Carrer Can Sales, 5, in the heart of Palma’s historic center. It is the first showroom in southern Europe for the German company, defining lighting as a new horizon. Their beautiful showroom offers an innovative experience to explore Occhio’s extraordinary luxury lighting solutions from their expert team of professional lighting designers.


Jung Showroom: A Recent Addition to Palma’s Design Landscape

The recently opened Jung Showroom in Palma, located in the dynamic La Rambla area, showcases cutting-edge electrical systems and switches, seamlessly integrating technology with contemporary aesthetics. With a commitment to both functionality and style, the showroom offers a visually captivating experience, providing a glimpse into the future of modern interior design. Explore the possibilities of intelligent home solutions in a space that reflects sophistication.


Poggenpohl Mallorca

Poggen Pohl Mallorca takes kitchen design to new heights, redefining culinary spaces with a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Their kitchens are more than places to cook; they are expressions of individual style. The store in Palma de Mallorca offers a range of customizable options, from sleek minimalism to classic elegance, ensuring that every kitchen is a work of art tailored to the owner’s preferences.


Apure Lighting: A luminous Experience   

Exciting news! Apure Lighting unveils a flagship showroom in Palma, inviting you to explore the possibilities of transformative lighting. From architectural lighting to decorative masterpieces, Apure showcases a range that redefines how light interacts with space. Step into a realm where illumination becomes an integral part of the design narrative.

In conclusion, Palma’s interior design scene is a captivating journey through spaces that blend functionality with artistic expression. Whether you seek contemporary furniture, innovative lighting, intelligent home solutions, exquisite kitchens, or transformative lighting, these showrooms promise a curated experience for design aficionados.

Christmas time in Mallorca

The Christmas season in Mallorca is a harmonious blend of traditional charm and Mediterranean warmth. In December, Palma is filled with Christmas spirit with its fantastic Christmas lights and Christmas markets that pop up around the city. Also the island’s charming villages are lit up with Christmas decorations, and the streets and squares are filled with local markets and handicrafts.Celebrate Christmas by embracing Mallorca’s local charm and finding thoughtful Christmas gifts in its bustling markets and quaint shops.


Quaint Shops:


When you’re in Palma, Arquinesia is one of those shops that you have to visit, even if it’s just for the experience. This shop is located on a small side street in the center of Palma called Carrer de Sant Gaietà. You cannot pass the store without being drawn in by its atmosphere and charisma, as well as the mix of scents that runs out into the street.

Rialto Living

For a mix of modern design and Majorcan influences, head to Rialto Living, the ultimate lifestyle store in Palma, located on one of the most beautiful streets in La Lonja, Calle Sant Feliu. Here you can buy fashion, decor, art and all sorts of gift ideas, making it an unbeatable place to get all your Christmas shopping done in one day!



Bazaar is one of those shops that you can spend hours in. It is filled with ceramics and cutlery, colorful cushions and paintings, soft fabrics and linen, scented candles, cosmetics, souvenirs and gifts. Handmade ceramics line the bookshelves in this former bookstore that was lovingly restored by owner Mila Lázaro.


Christmas markets in Mallorca

In December and as Christmas approaches, the air in Mallorca is filled with Christmas spirit and the streets come alive with beautiful lighting and music. Explore Mallorca’s Christmas markets, each offering a distinct experience that captures the essence of the island’s traditions and creativity.


Fira de Nadal i del Reis de Palma – November 23rd to January 7th

Discover local crafts and traditional Christmas spirit at Palma’s Christmas markets, located in different parts of the city: Plaça Major, La Rambla, Via Roma and Parc de ses Estacions. Open daily 10:00 to 21:00.


Puerto Portals – December 16th to January 6th 

The Christmas market in Puerto Portals with over forty wooden stalls decorated with fairy lights and Christmas trees, offers a diverse selection of high quality products and a wide range of food and drink. This Christmas market is one of the most popular on the island with an extensive program of activities for the whole family, with the ice rink being an absolute highlight not to be missed. Open every day from 12:00-21:00. Free entrance.

Pueblo Espanyol – December 1st to 17th

The magical Christmas market in Pueblo Español is the largest on the island. Stroll through its streets and squares lined with stalls and soak up the Christmas spirit enhanced by the scent of mulled wine and Christmas music. The absolute highlight: it’s snowing! Every day at 18:00 the snow cannons start and it is a wonderful experience for all ages.


Port Adriano Christmas Winter Park –  December 22nd to January 8th

Here you can skate on the largest ecological skating rink in Mallorca, 300m2 of pure fun! Or try the 3 meter high and 30 meter long slide with 3 lanes. All activities are free. Open from 12:00 to 20:00 every day except Christmas and New Year’s Eve when it closes at 16:00 Santa will visit: December 23 from 17:00 to 20:00 and December 24 from 12:00 to 15:00.


Son Amar Christmas Wonderland – 1st to 22nd of December

From 1 to 22 December – always from Thursday to Sunday – the House of Son Amar becomes a Christmas theme park. This is one of the most magical events in Palma this Christmas for both adults and children. Here you can stroll around among the stalls at the Handcraft Market, eat and drink something hot or just enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. There is also a large skating rink here, and Santa Claus comes to visit! Open on December 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, and 22, from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.,

Alaró – 9 and 10 of December

Visit the magical Christmas market in the charming village of Alaró. Over 60 stalls of handmade items, designer items and arts and crafts await you! There will also be drink and food trucks, as well as live music and activities for children.

El Terreno awakens: Lío Mallorca’s historic journey

El Terreno, an established neighbourhood, is currently experiencing a resurgence of its artistic and cultural scene, attracting a new wave of creatives, intellectuals and entrepreneurs. The neighbourhood is regaining popularity, particularly with international and local property buyers. Business people and families are discovering the area’s strategic location and potential for growth.

Situated on the picturesque Bay of Palma, El Terreno enjoys a privileged location between the picturesque Paseo Maritimo and the historic Bellver Castle Park. It also boasts close proximity to the peaceful Bellver Forest, yet is just a short distance from the lively districts of Santa Catalina, Palma city center and the bustling Paseo Maritimo. Plaça Gomila and the surrounding streets are alive with bars, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists alike.

The legendary Tito’s nightclub, now renamed Lío Mallorca, has undergone a remarkable transformation under the skilled hands of GRAS Reynés Arquitectos and Lázaro Rosa-Violáns. The project pays homage to the iconic dinner-show legacy of the 1950s. The circular layout includes decks surrounding a central stage, anchored by a striking circular staircase. The intimate and enigmatic interiors, with mirrored walls and natural stone, provide an ideal backdrop for performances. This transformation breathes new life into the historic architectural icon of nightlife.

Tito’s has a unique place in Palma’s history as one of the oldest clubs in Europe. Originally established in the 1930s as an open-air dinner concert hall, it later became a renowned destination on the island during the tourism boom of the 1950s and 1960s. The design for Lío Mallorca recreates the spirit of this golden era, reintroducing a cabaret dinner show reminiscent of the 1950s.

The renovation also respects the original structure, focusing on preserving its architectural essence. The exterior has been carefully restored, removing recent additions and restoring iconic features such as lifts, the roof totem and the curved roof with a curtain wall offering breathtaking views. The panoramic glass lifts have been replaced with replicas of the originals, paying tribute to the club’s exclusive past.

Lío Mallorca represents a renaissance for this historic nightlife architectural icon, preserving its heritage while infusing it with a fresh, avant-garde approach. Inside, the club’s layout has been reconfigured into a series of decks surrounding the main stage, providing an optimal viewing experience for both dining and entertainment. The central circular staircase, decorated with mirrors and plants, leads guests to their tables, adding a touch of drama to the entrance.

The interiors exude a mysterious, late-night ambiance with dark ochre hues, mirrored walls, wallpapers, plants, and natural stones. Acoustic comfort has been meticulously addressed both inside and outside. Lío Mallorca breathes new life into an historic architectural icon, preserving its legacy while redefining the nightlife experience.



Sedat Senoglu

Digital Product & IT Manager @ Mallorcaresidencia

Top 6 international schools in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a wide range of schools across the island, and many of them are international. Multicultural schools are very popular on the island due to the large number of foreign nationals living here, and from this popularity there are now many good schools offering curricula for non-Spanish speakers. In this blog we have compiled a list of our 6 favorite international schools in Mallorca.

Swedish School

The Swedish School is the only school in Mallorca that follows the Swedish education system, where 60% of the teaching is done in Swedish. For this reason, the school is exclusively beneficial for Scandinavian families, as the Swedish school offers an unhindered transition from the Scandinavian system to the Spanish one. The school also offers classes in English and Spanish, where students are introduced to the languages from the first year. In addition, The school offers education from preschool to high school, making it a good long-term decision for a family. A big advantage of the school is its central location, making it easy to get to for those living in the Palma area. Physical education and health is a popular and appreciated subject. The school has access to a fantastically well-equipped sports facility to which students are transported by bus. You can also play sports on the beach or in the nearby forest. In addition students can try sailing, canoeing, climbing, hiking, windsurfing, swimming and horseback riding. High school students train with certified fitness coaches at the Palma Tennis Club.

The Academy International School

Located in Marratxi, the Academy International School is a school with over 300 students, with the primary and secondary school divided into two separate buildings. The primary school has students from ages 2-11 and the building is a former farmhouse that has been transformed into a picturesque idyll with horses, a swimming pool and all the other sports facilities you could wish for. Teaching is entirely in English, with the exception of weekly Spanish lessons. The secondary school, for ages 12-18, is a newly renovated modern facility with an educational focus. The school teaches the IGCSE course for years 10 and 11, as well as the highly acclaimed IBDP system for the two secondary years. The two separate buildings are a 5-minute drive apart, meaning there are no practical obstacles if a family has children in both age groups.

Green Valley School

Green Valley School is located in La Vileta and like The Academy, the school follows a British curriculum. The school’s primary language of instruction is English with weekly lessons in Spanish, Catalan, French, German or Swedish. The building is a beautiful classical-style facility with lots of nature on the campus. In addition to standard education, the school places great emphasis on helping children with other aspects of life, such as socializing, mindfulness and artistic skills. They offer several workshops during the school year such as dance, cooking with organic ingredients, and gardening.

Agora Portals International School

Located near the sea coast of Portals, Agora is a school with one of the best locations on the island. Equipped with a large football pitch and a modern building, Agora places great emphasis on education and the advancement of its students. Teaching is mainly in English, but the school is well known for having some of the best classes in Spanish as a second language. As the first school in the Balearic Islands to adopt the IBDP system for secondary education, Agora is a highly regarded school in its experience and professionalism to give its students the tools they need to develop into global citizens who can shape the world. Recognized by FORBES magazine as one of the top 50 schools in Spain, Agora Portals International School is the only school on the list in the Balearic Islands.

Queen’s College

Queen’s College is an international school with outstanding facilities and a long tradition of academic excellence. Queen’s is located near the center of Palma, yet in idyllic natural surroundings, a unique location that creates a peaceful atmosphere where students can thrive. The school has offered the A Level program since 1977 and intends to continue to deliver this international British program. Queen’s College offers an alternative to the challenging IBDP course, making it an excellent choice for students who prefer the A Level courses. Queen’s is a progressive and forward-thinking school that helps students develop valuable lifelong relationships and a range of activities outside the classroom to enhance both leadership and personal skills.

Baleares international college (BIC)

Baleares International College has a wide range of excellent facilities, which include: an indoor sports center, school grounds with sports fields, a swimming pool, all-weather courts for basketball, football and volleyball, IT department and science laboratories. The school’s learning environment includes specialist facilities for art, drama and music as well as excellent outdoor facilities that allow students to engage in exciting and real-life learning activities. All teachers are trained and experienced in the UK and bring with them the latest teaching methods and approaches. BIC offers IGCSE at secondary school level and, like Queen’s College, they offer A levels as a secondary school course mixing academic rigor with a learning environment that is happy, constructive and positive.


Mallorca has many excellent school options, most in central and easily accessible neighborhoods. All of the schools on this list are highly recommended, and the differences between them mainly relate to fees and choice of secondary school program. The Academy, Green Valley and Agora have similar programs, while BIC and Queen’s College are more comparable. The Swedish school offers a slightly more Nordic approach, which can be much appreciated by Swedes who want their children to feel at home in the Scandinavian system.


Charlie Nygaard

Intern @ Mallorcaresidencia

Rooftop Bars: Discover Mallorca’s Stunning Sky-High Terraces

Mallorca, the jewel of the Mediterranean, boasts not only pristine beaches and azure waters but also a burgeoning rooftop bar scene that promises breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a tourist seeking panoramic vistas or a local looking for a unique hangout, these rooftop bars in Mallorca offer a range of styles, locations, and price ranges that are sure to delight you.



Sky Bar Hostal Cuba

Proudly shining like the lighthouse of Santa Catalina, Sky Bar Hostal Cuba exudes opulence. Sip on handcrafted cocktails while soaking in the awe-inspiring sunset over Palma’s skyline. A lavish treat for those seeking sophistication, and the best starting point if you are yet to discover the rest of Mallorca island magic.

Beatnik Palma by Puro

A bohemian paradise awaits at Beatnik Palma, where eclectic vibes and creative concoctions collide. Unwind in hammocks, enjoy live music, and bask in the artistic spirit that defines this rooftop sanctuary. It is also the spot for events like ‘Yoga and Brunch’ for mindful-lifestyle-oriented patrons.



Es Princep/Almaqs Rooftop Calatrava

Kickstart a night in town in style. With chic furnishings and tranquillity during the day, Es Princep Rooftop´s evenings are charged with a buzzy atmosphere: the music is turned up a notch and local bon vivant and stylish connoisseurs are known to come and join the fun. So, grab a seat, raise your glass, and get ready for an unforgettable glamour experience.

The Upper Club Mallorca

Elevate your social scene at The Upper Club, a lively rooftop bar offering a fusion of entertainment and relaxation. Gaze at the Mediterranean expanse while savouring curated cocktails. Expect the best international female DJs and lots of champagne.

CUIT at Nakar Hotel

Elevate your senses at CUIT, where you find a dual rooftop setting. Avant-garde design meets seasonal gourmet dishes and handpicked wines on the 8th floor. Savor stunning panoramas of Palma’s iconic landmarks, but don’t forget the hotel’s true gem: the 9th floor rooftop bar. Nakar promises a perfect formula of style, cinematic views and ambient evening DJ sessions.



MarChica Palma

If you’re seeking a slice of glamour in a laid-back escape, MarChica is a must-visit. A cherished spot among locals, its creative drinks and intimate ambience create a winning combination. Enjoy the starry sky and romantic atmosphere, as you sip and savour. The staff’s radiant smiles are the cherry on top of this delightful experience! 

Ç the Rooftop at El Llorenç Hotel

Ç The Rooftop, crowning the Llorenç Hotel. A vibrant tapestry of colours frames this urban oasis, with a sun-soaked terrace and a lively bar, it’s a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary. Sip on artisanal cocktails, savour Mediterranean culinary gems and immerse yourself in the island’s spirit against a backdrop of breathtaking vistas. From lazy sun-kissed afternoons to dreamy evenings.

Terracotta at Hotel Antigua Palma

A renovated noble house from the 17th century, its timeless charm and luxurious ambience present this rooftop oasis with heartfelt pride. Terracotta at Hotel Antigua Palma invites you to a sensory fiesta above the historic streets with a modern twist, vibrant cocktails, and soul-stirring views of Palma’s skyline. As the sun dips and stars emerge, an enchanting ambience unfolds, capturing the essence of the island’s Old Town.



Boutique Hotel Can Alomar/ De Tokio a Lima Restaurant

Take the elevator to the 2nd floor of the hotel and enjoy the aura of classic mallorquin elegance meets modern thrill; Here you can enjoy a fantastic fusion of Asian and South American food (as the name hints) while overlooking Palma Center’s charming streets surrounded by greenery and the cathedral as your backdrop. On the top floor of the hotel, you find the Solarium Terrace, which is actually a fully serviced rooftop spa for staying hotel guests. 

Castillo Hotel Son Vida, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Indulge in exclusivity at this upscale majestic haven. Perched atop the luxurious Castillo Hotel Son Vida, Mallorca’s crown jewel, the rooftop unveils a realm of refined indulgence. This rooftop sanctuary beckons with its timeless elegance and panoramic vistas. For those seeking the pinnacle of opulence, the Castillo Hotel Son Vida rooftop is an unparalleled escape where luxury and enchantment intertwine. 


Mallorca’s rooftop bars are more than just places to enjoy a drink; they are gateways to a world of style, culture, and breathtaking beauty. Whether you’re seeking a romantic date night, a fun evening with friends, or a tranquil escape, these sky-high retreats promise an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning for more. So, whether you’re a globe-trotting traveller or a local in search of a new perspective, set your sights high and embark on a journey to discover the enchanting rooftop bars of Mallorca. 


Alia Tiderman

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

5 Best SUP (paddle surf) places in Mallorca

Home to some of the best coastlines and waters found in the world, Mallorca is the ultimate destination for water sports and activities. With popular activities such as scuba diving, sailing and kite surfing, paddle surfing is no exception. Paddle surfing has risen in popularity among the Balearic Islands in recent years, as people have begun to appreciate the tranquil, crystal clear waters that surround the area. As Mallorca is surrounded by numerous beautiful coasts, it can be difficult to know which ones offer paddle board rentals and lessons, and for that reason we have compiled a list of our picks of the 5 best paddle surf destinations in Mallorca.

Mar Balear, Port Adriano

Located close to Palma as well as Calvia, Port Adriano offers a beautiful mediterranean bay area that is very practical in accessibility. Within the port you can find the Mar Balear Dive Center, a reputable ocean rental and diving company that operates within the port. Mar Balear offers a number of services, one of them being paddle surf board rentals. What makes Mar Balear such a great option for paddle surfing is the location. Apart from being very central and close to Santa Ponsa, the coast and bay area is beautiful in Port Adriano, with sea life being prevalent amongst the crystal clear waters.

Sports Mallorca

Sports Mallorca is an experienced company in sports activity rentals in Mallorca, and their variety in services for paddle surfing are second to none. Their shop is located on Carrer de Sant Llorenç, which lies adjacent to the Cathedral, which makes it a very accessible location. From Sports Mallorca you can rent a variety of different paddle board types, as well as the mega SUP, which is a large board that can fit up to six people! For the beginners you can also get teaching lessons, or for the more relaxed you can do a SUP yoga session, which has become quite popular recently.


Below the Palma airport lies Platja d’Or, a beautiful beach located close to palma. Above this beach you can find the Bonaona Surf School & Bar, a surf school that offers classes, rentals and excursions in a variety of aquatic activities. In relation to paddle surfing, Bonaona offers rentals of paddle boards as well as instructive classes where as a beginner or amateur, you can improve your stand up paddle drastically. The Bonaona Surf School also offers a bar that is perfect for cooling down and getting some energy before returning to the ocean!

Port Calanova

Located south-west of Palma, Port Calanova is a wonderful bay area with a lively atmosphere. With clear waters and majestic coastal views, Port Calanova is a fantastic destination for Paddle Surf enthusiasts. The port offers paddle surf board rentals as well as instructor lessons. The port also contains a lovely beach as well as a wide variety of bars and restaurants within walking distance that include spectacular views of the bay waters. One thing to note is that in order to be able to rent a paddle board, you must be at least 18 years old.

Suping Mallorca

Suping Mallorca is a Mallorcan paddle surfing company that is based in Palmanova, on the Son Caliu beach. Palmanova is home to some of the crystal clear waters on the island, as well as home to magical coastal lines and rock formations. Through Suping Mallorca you can rent a paddle board on an hourly basis or on a daily basis. Different bundles are also available such as a snorkel kit included with a paddle board, or a paddle surf kit where you can keep the board and paddle for several days, so you can enjoy the coasts of all of Mallorca with total freedom. Before heading out on your paddle surfing excursion one of the experienced monitors will give you a basic rundown of instructions and safety protocols.

Additional Tips

Before embarking on a paddle surf adventure, there are a few essentials that are strongly recommended to bring with you. Food and water is not always guaranteed at all times, especially when you are out on the ocean, so in that case it is recommended to bring plenty of bottled water and perhaps a sandwich or two. Another important item is sunscreen, as you will be exposed to the powerful Mediterranean sun for extended periods of time, so sunscreen and possible sun blocking clothing is recommended. Some people also like to bring a waterproof bag with them that can fit on the paddle board, containing important belongings such as phones and wallets. Overall, Mallorca is a great destination for paddle board beginners as well as experienced enthusiasts. With a wide variety of coastal destinations, Mallorca can offer unique experiences in its beautiful waters.


Charlie Nygaard

Intern @ Mallorcaresidencia

Dog friendly beaches in Mallorca

A recurring topic for discussion in Mallorca is dog access on the many beaches that surround the coasts of the island. Although Mallorca is home to over 200 beaches, finding a beach to bring a dog to during the summer season can prove to be a real challenge. Due to Mallorca’s beaches being packed with people during the high season in summer, most beaches unfortunately have restrictions on pet access within the sandy premises. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of beaches where dogs are welcome to run around and swim during all seasons of the year. Note that dog friendly beaches are not limited to the ones listed here, many beaches offer seasonal access, though this will be discussed in further detail towards the end of the blog.

Platja de Can Cap de Bou, Pollença

Located alongside the Llenaire beach south of Port de Pollença, the Can Cap de Bou beach is a beautiful narrow beach that offers both smooth sand and rocky patches that aid in preserving the natural look of the bay. This beach offers full unrestricted access to dogs all year round! This beach has lots of sandy space for dogs to release their energy and shallow waters for them to safely swim around within safe range from their owners. One thing to make note of is that directly above the beach lies a road that cars drive along regularly. Though the speed limit is low there, it can be quite dangerous for your dog to run close to there so it is advised to have them under control or on a leash.

Es carnatge

Directly adjacent to the Palma airport lies the nature preserve Es Carnatge, which boasts a beautiful stretch of coast and plant life. On this coast there is a beach consisting of sand and rocks. This beach is a beautiful pocket of nature with crystal clear waters full of fish and magical rock formations. This beach is well known for its unrestricted access for dogs, so this can also serve as an opportunity for your dog to make some new friends! This beach is perfect for curious dogs as there is lots of space available for your dog to safely explore as there are no automobile roads close to the area, as well as it being located in Palma making it easily accessible. One possible downside of the Es Carnatge beach is that due to its close proximity to the airport, the noise disturbance from the planes landing and taking off may be irritating to dogs and their owners. Aside from this, Es Carnatge is definitely up there as one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Mallorca!

Cala Gamba

An additional dog-friendly beach close to the Airport is Cala Gamba, which is a small yet charming bay that lies just North-West of the previously mentioned Es Carnatge beach. This beach is similar to Es Carnatge, though it offers a more sandy beach that is also closer to other activities such as jet ski rentals and restaurants. Cala Gamba is another great opportunity for your dog to have fun in a central area that is easily accessible to anyone staying around Palma.

Playa de Alcanada

On the northern side of Mallorca is where the impressive Alcudia bay is situated. Playa de Alcanada lies on the top of this bay, facing south. Playa de Alcanada is a narrow rocky/sandy beach that lies directly below a golf course, whilst also being surrounded by trees and plant life. The beach offers a view of a small island not far off the shoreline, as well as shallow waters and crystal clear oceanic views. The beach has unrestricted access to dogs all year round, as well as its rural location providing the benefit of not too many people being present at the beach at all times. Though the beach can seem relatively far away from towns and cities, it is a great place to take your dog for a run or a swim that is both safe and beautiful.

Na Patana

Another dog-friendly beach located in the Alcudia bay is the Na Patana beach. This beach is smaller in size but offers a beautiful sand beach with fantastic views of the surrounding coastline consisting of small mountain ranges and greenery. Lying in the middle of the Alcudia bay coastline, Na Patana beach is only a 5 minute drive from Can Picafort, which boasts wonderful restaurants and hotels. What makes Na Patana beach so special is that it is one of the few full sand beaches in Mallorca that offers unrestricted access to pets all year around. An additional benefit to Na Patana is the lack of public roads in the surrounding area, as well as there being lots of nature for your dog to safely explore.

Cala Blanca

Situated on the coast of Andratx, Cala Blanca offers a small but fantastic beach for dogs to enjoy. The stony beach boasts crystal clear waters and a small rocky area for dogs to run around and relax. An added benefit of the beach’s small size is that it is easy to keep an eye on your dog as they don’t leave your eyesight when running around. The bay is quite closed off meaning that the dogs are safe as there are no nearby roads for them access. 

Seasonal differences in dog-access to beaches in Mallorca

As the summer season comes along with the most tourist and beach activity in Mallorca, dog access to beaches are almost only limited to the beaches mentioned previously, but the off-season in winter brings a wider range of opportunities and locations for you and your dog. For example, the Bay of Alcudia allows dogs to access all the beaches from the 1st of November to the 31st of March. Additionally, the municipality of Artá opens its beaches to dogs all the way from the 1st of October to the 30th of April. In the municipalities of Pollença, Andratx and Capdepera, dogs are permitted to access all beaches during the winter months, where the beaches will most likely be close to empty, giving your dog lots of open space to run around freely.


Charlie Nygaard

Intern @ Mallorcaresidencia

Cornell Alumni Vivian & Ahmet welcome American Buyers

Mallorca has always been extremely popular with the American market but thanks to United Airlines’ launch of its new nonstop flight between New York and Palma de Mallorca, American interest in Mallorca’s real estate market has increased. Now owning a holiday home in Mallorca is much easier. At Mallorcaresidencia we have already been helping many US buyers.

Mallorcaresidencia founders, Vivian Grunblatt and Ahmet Senoglu have extensive experience with the US market. Both are Cornell University graduates, actually, they even met each other at Cornell. Vivian has a BAl and Ahmet has an MBA and M. Eng. from Cornell. After Cornell, Vivian returned to Mallorca but Ahmet worked for McKinsey and other US companies as a consultant. Thanks to their US education and job experience, they both understand the search criteria and way of working with American clientele better than most other realtors on the island. In addition, Vivian is a local Mallorcan who can give clients an insider view of Mallorca and its real estate market.


We talk to Vivian and Ahmet about real estate in Mallorca and what makes it interesting for US buyers:

How is the real estate market in Mallorca today?

Mallorca has had a very stable and attractive real estate market for over a decade now. The modern infrastructure of Mallorca, its fantastic climate, its secure and safe environment, and its cosmopolitan international environment blended with its culture and unique character make Mallorca an irresistible destination for first and second home buyers. Mallorca’s reputation as a quality and luxury destination has impacted the real estate market. Particularly after Covid, we have seen an increase in interest for seafront locations, urban properties and also traditional country homes. The island offers excellent medium-long term opportunities as a safe and secure investment.

What can Mallorcaresidencia real estate agency offer to US buyers?

We provide American buyers with expert advice and professional services. We take care of US clients’ needs to ensure that buying a property so far from home is as clear and easy as possible. We have the best partners for mortgages and bank financing, lawyers, interior designers, insurance brokers and property managers. All of our partners speak fluent English. 

Who else is Mallorcaresidencia?

Aside from us two, Mallorcaresidencia consists of an international team of 10 people of different nationalities and diverse professional backgrounds speaking over eight languages. Among our team members, we have an ex-lawyer, a banker and a former professional athlete. Above all, our office is a family of caring professionals who really “look after” their clients. Most of our team has been with us for more than 5 years and some even more than 10.


Please contact us if you are interested in buying a property in Mallorca.

We are always willing to share information and our knowledge about Mallorca and its real estate market. 

The picturesque coastal village Deià

Deià is a picturesque municipality and a small coastal village in the Serra de Tramuntana, which forms the northern ridge of the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is located about 16 kilometers north of Valldemossa and is known for its literary and musical inhabitants such as English poet, novelist and scientist Robert Graves. The poet was one of the first foreigners to settle in the village, where he founded the Seizin Press publishing house with Laura Riding. Graves returned after the war and lived in Deià until his death. He used the town as inspiration for many of his stories, including the historical novel Hercules my Shipmate. His house is now a beautiful museum.  

In recent decades, however, the stars of literature have been overshadowed by the stars of rock and roll. Many have heard of multi-mogul Richard Branson, who has a luxurious residence in the city. The stars of his record company have made regular visits to the mountain village, sometimes jamming at the local bar Sa Fonda. Deià has been home to several renowned musicians over the years, including Mick Jagger, guitarist Mark Knopfler and Mike Oldfield played there frequently in the late 1980s, as did Caroline Corr. Nearby you’ll find the fabulous Son Marroig farm and the remarkable rock formation of Sa Na Foradada, which offers breathtaking views of the coast and is a very attractive choice for weddings.

Deià is known as the ‘village of artists’, a place where creativity and inspiration flow with creativity. There are several unique galleries to visit in the village, such as Sa Tafona, Gres Gallery and Holló Manuella Andrada. If the selection of galleries in Deià is not enough for your thirsty art heart, you can head to the nearby villages of Valldemossa and Sóller and discover amazing galleries such as Ca’n Prunera and Fundació Coll Bardolet.


Sa Foradada

Sa Foradada is one of Mallorca’s natural wonders, a remarkable rock formation and island extending from the Son Marroig property. Sa Foradada was the site of a brutal battle between Mallorcans and attacking corsairs from North Africa who tried to sack the city in 1582. It was the famous adventurer Archduke Ludwig Salvator who created the route to this amazing place In Sa Foradada you can often see different types of birds such as blackbirds, cormorants, lupins and even sea eagles. If you fancy an outdoor activity after all the gallery visits – a short drive from Deià you will find the Golf de Son Termens, in the area of Bunyola, a beautiful and challenging 18-hole course set in a mountain valley.

Where to eat in Deiá?

Renowned Mediterranean-inspired restaurant El Olivo at the Hotel Belmond la Residencia is probably the most dreamy place in all of Mallorca. Located on a hillside with breathtaking views of the village, this exclusive 5-star restaurant serves delicious Mallorcan dishes you’ll never forget. The kitchen uses mainly local ingredients and even grows its own vegetables. A highlight not to be missed is the traditional suckling pig and the Mallorcan dessert tray – trust me, it’s worth every bite!


Looking for a dip in Cala Deiá?

If you want to take a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters, head down to Cala Deià. You can hike down yourself, but be prepared for a very challenging and steep hike back up. Our best advice is to wake up early, drive down and take one of the few parking spaces, but don’t forget to pay for parking. Cala Deia is breathtakingly beautiful and the water is magically crystal clear. This is a definite favorite for a swim, and a bonus is that Ca’s Patro March, a cozy seafood restaurant, is located nearby right on the water.

Sa Fonda

Nightlife in Deia is credited to the musical gem Sa Fonda, which opened in 1988. The aforementioned rock legends have performed here over the years and the outdoor terrace can be enjoyed to the sounds of acoustic music or DJs on late summer evenings.


The best hiking trails in Deia

As the municipality is surrounded by breathtaking views from several mountainous areas, a hike is a must to experience nature to the fullest. To reach Foradada, you should start from the houses and it is marked with distinctive iron bars. On the right side we see the white marble temple of Son Marroig. The walk to the island takes about two hours if we count the round trip, with a distance of 3 kilometers. This is a well-marked path so it is easy to enjoy a walk on your own or in company. The route starts at the parking lot of the Marroig farm and on the right side of the road we find the viewpoint of Foradada. A tip is to continue the trail down to sea level, where you can enjoy the wonder from the front row.


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The Paseo Maritimo Project

The highly anticipated construction of the Paseo Maritimo seafront promenade has officially commenced, representing a pivotal moment for the city of Palma in the upcoming years. Biel Horrach, director-general of urban planning, emphasized the significance of this project, stating that “the connection between the city and the sea has been severed for far too long,” and that this initiative is aimed at “reuniting the city with the sea.” From a real estate perspective, this development is expected to significantly enhance the value of all properties along the Paseo Maritimo.


The Paseo Maritimo project in Palma aims to transform the existing urban highway into a promenade that prioritizes pedestrian and cyclist use while coexisting with limited traffic. By improving the port-city spatial interaction and minimizing the occupation of public space by vehicles, a free space for pedestrians will be generated and public transport will be promoted to improve mobility in general. The redevelopment plan includes removing the parking space between the lanes and reducing the number of lanes in each direction from three or four to two.


The project also includes new lighting, Wi-Fi, street furniture, and playgrounds for children.  Retaining walls, stairs, ramps, and railings will also be constructed to improve connectivity with the neighborhoods of Son Armadans, Santa Catalina and El Terreno. To enhance the visual appeal of the promenade, the project plans to maintain the maximum possible number of existing trees and palm trees, build abundant flower beds covering 36,487 square meters, and plant approximately 2,000 new trees using a new rainwater harvesting system for irrigation.


The project’s estimated budget is 37.5 million euros, and the construction is expected to take twenty months. The architect in charge of the Paseo Maritimo redevelopment is Elías Torres, with Antoni Verger as head of planning and infrastructure. The result will be a much more attractive, green and peaceful public space that can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors.


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