Cycling in Mallorca: Guided bike tours by “Cycling in Palma”

Mallorca has become a paradise for any cyclist. Fundamental aspects of any cycling activity are the climate, the mountains and the good roads. The mild temperatures during the spring season attract both amateur and professional teams to prepare for the pre-season that will continue in their home country.

The areas of Playa de Palma and Alcudia have adapted the hotel offer so as to eradicate seasonality by welcoming hotels to cyclists during the winter season. Cycling competitions, triathlon, Ironman and others have caused a large influx of this type of tourism.

Cycling in Palma is a small company that offers a personal and specialized treatment for each client, it is possible to rent high-end road bicycles and make private tours from the center of the city to the outside discovering the greatness of the Sierra de Tramuntana, its picturesque villages and beautiful landscapes.

Cycling in Palma is located in the emblematic district of Santa Catalina. This privileged location also offers the possibility of choosing several routes out of the city towards the mountains. They select the most interesting bike routes for their landscape beauty, cultural interest and roads perfectly adapted to cycling.

Have a look here at a few examples of the guided bike tours Cycling in Palma offers. Their bike tours are prepared for different levels of difficulty and have distinct duration. All of them start in the city of Palma, they also deliver bikes to your place. However, they can also create a personalized tour completely adapted to your abilities, preferences. Click here for more information.

Mirlinda Januzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

The guide to Mallorca’s best physiotherapists

What is a physiotherapist? A physiotherapist is working to assess, prevent, relieve and cure health problems. Public health, stress, sports medicine, manual medicine and orthopaedics are some important areas of expertise, but the professional role also includes assessing the patient’s injuries and abilities as part of the investigation of illness. Assessment of motor skills, strength, joint mobility and pain are some of the most common ones.

During my many years as a sportswoman, I had the luck, or perhaps the misfortune, to never go to a physiotherapist. When the body is young and strong, it feels like you can take on the whole world on your own, which you might also be able to, right then and there. However, one thinks very little about the future and that one can actually take care of their body for preventive purposes. This is something that is crystal clear to me today and therefore I give myself a “treat” at least once every two months or once a month, when I exercise harder. Now you are probably thinking, yes, but it is a time and money question also, and certainly, it is a fact. Still, is it not worth taking care of our amazing body here and now, while it is not too late and for it to never be too late? You cannot deny that it is great to have a body that is in harmony with everything you want to do, in your everyday life as well as in your exercising life? A guaranteed investment for the future!

Fisiosan – Vicens Marí Mayans


The owner of the centre Fisiosan is the physiotherapist Vicens Marí Mayans. I first came in contact with Vicens during my years as a runner where he helped me out with some minor injuries as well as maintenance during this period of very intense training sessions. The treatments at the centre are personalized and they apply the best techniques and the most advanced technology available in the market. A fusion of technology and physiotherapy to recover and improve physical condition much faster and more effectively. Combination of personalized treatment plan with machines specifically designed for physiotherapy use, which allows more effective treatments and solutions to be implemented. Vicens used to be the head physiotherapist of the football team RCD Mallorca for more than 15 years and was also working together with Rafa Nadal Academy until recently.

Carrer de Jesús 36, Palma

Susana Casanovas

Physiotherapist Susana Casanovas – Cenfi

Susana is an excellent physiotherapist and director of the Cenfi centre but they are 5 physiotherapists in total working there. They work with manual therapy, dry puncture, therapeutic exercise, radiofrequency, hypopressive exercises, osteopathy (not Susana but her colleagues do). They also treat babies with colic, bronchiolitis, neurological physiotherapy, sports, traumatology, pelvic floor, pregnancy, postpartum etc. Susana and her colleagues master most things in the field of physiotherapy and we can warmly recommend her sports massages which are guaranteed to dissolve all possible muscle nodes and tensions.

C / Molí d’en Perot 6, Palma

[email protected]

Physiotherapist / Osteopath Rocio

Physiotherapist / Osteopath Rocio

Rocio is a physiotherapist and osteopath who combines to work both in a hospital and a private practise at home. She works primarily with trauma injuries, sports injuries and in paediatrics with, for example, child colic and congenital torticollis (CMT). She is an active athlete herself and currently does cross fit, where I first met her, and works a lot with trail runners. Being an athlete herself, she can quickly relate to various sports injuries and help you with strain injuries and much more.

[email protected]

Mirlinda Jonuzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Top 6 restaurants in Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a trendy and popular area in central Palma with great atmosphere and a lively indoor market with fresh vegetables, meat and fish from Mallorca. The picturesque streets around the old fishing district lined with nice cafes and restaurants.

Palma has some great restaurants and Santa Catalina in particular offers some of the most modern and best restaurants. We have scaled it down to our top six restaurants in Santa Catalina. We hope you will love them as much as we do.


Plaza Progreso 9

At the intriguing Kuroböta restaurant in Santa Catalina, they serve Asian fusion and unique cocktails. The restaurant opens only in the evenings from 19.30 and offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The menu includes dishes such as ginger marinated tuna, dumplings with scorpion fish and grilled spicy shrimp. We recommend Kurobota for its innovative food with a mix of flavors and cocktails that are great for both a night out with friends as well as for a romantic dinner for two.


C/ Cotoner 44

For those of you who has not already discovered the fantastic Peruvian food, we will now recommend the really good Peruvian restaurant Sumaq under the leadership of chef Irene. Typical dishes, which we are used to seeing in the Peruvian cuisine, such as ceviches, tiraThe ditos and causas are mixed with exquisite dishes such as Australian lamb steak and pisco flamed octopus. My personal recommendation is “lomo saltado” in the company of a pisco sour.

Naan Street Food

Calle Caro 16

Naan offers a complete range of street food from all over the world. The fish tacos are lovely, the Japanese ramen soup with pork, algae and miso is filling and tasty. They offer all dishes in two varieties depending on whether you want to share or not. An excellent choice if you want to try several dishes from different parts of the world in the middle of Palma, without having to travel far.


Calle Soler 36

We can’t help but to mention Duke. Not just for the fantastic food but also for the nice atmosphere and excellent service. Duke was founded 10 years ago by a surfer and a chef who both are truly passionate about the food they serve. Here they offer their favorite dishes from different parts of the world and many of the dishes are adapted for vegans and gluten and lactose intolerant. Don’t miss their lunch menu which varies daily but is always delicious! My recommendation on the menu is their Thai salad with duck, vegan tacos and their delicious burgers!


Plaza Progreso 15

At the popular Vandal restaurant in Santa Catalina you are reminded already in the door of their provocative attitude in form of a graffiti-painted facade. On their menu different flavors and aromas meet in different consistencies. Here you experience fusion at its best, with dishes from Asia and South America mixed with the European cuisine. We recommend sharing the dishes to try as many as possible. Some of our favorites are the marinated mackerel which is served with mayonnaise of pine nuts and sorbet of ponzu, ceviche with coconut foam and charcoal grilled Black Angus.


Calle Sant Magin 55

At Wasabi, in my opinion, they serve the best sushi in Palma. The service is always excellent and the ingredients fresh. This is the original restaurant but there are now a number of more restaurants both in Palma and in the rest of the country. Daytime they serve an affordable lunch menu. On the normal menu we highly recommended the tempura rolls, especially the Tuna Poki Maki of tuna, absolutely wonderful. The seaweedsalad, Osaka and Spicy Tuna rolls and gyosas should also be tested. Wasabi is the Japanese restaurant that never fails.

Latest properties for sale in Santa Catalina

Apartments and Houses for sale in Santa Catalina

Johanna Andersson

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

The quiet village of Portocolom

On the eastern coast of Mallorca lies the quiet village of Portocolom, a traditional fishing village that maintains its charm with small fishing boats, boathouses and lighthouses. Portocolom has been named after Christopher Columbus, who is said to have been born in the village. The village has historically been a fishing village, and until the late 1800s there was also a busy trade in the shipping of wine to France. Portocolom is located in a sheltered bay with a large number small beaches such as Cala Marçal which is located only one kilometer from Port de Portocolom.

You should not visit Portocolom without trying the local seafood. We recommend the nice restaurant Sa Llotja which is located in the harbour overlooking the bay. For those interested in golf, the beautiful golf course Vall D’or is located nearby, many consider it the best golf course in Mallorca. At Vall D’or you can enjoy playing 18 holes with a fantastic view of the sea and the mountains.

If you are looking for a property in the area, Mallorcaresidencia offers these newly built apartments (MF1558) at a reduced price on the remaining 12 apartments. The buildings consist of three floors and offer apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms. The ground floor apartments (1558A) have large private gardens and the penthouses (MF1558C) have generous roof terraces. The first floor apartments (MF1558B) have the private terrace of 20 m2. The living space varies between 82 m2 and 104 m2 and the prices vary between 275 000 euros and 580 000 euros. These high quality apartments are close to the sea, have a fantastic pool area and beautifully landscaped gardens. 

Johanna Andersson

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Mallorca Wine Tour

Some years ago I decided to surprise a dear friend of mine with something different for her birthday. I wanted to give her an experience and something that we could both share. Her being a wine lover, I took her on a Mallorca Wine Tour tour. This is one of the nicest experiences that we have had together here in Majorca and one we can really recommend.

The idea of having a train take you through the wine region of Binissalem while enjoying the landscape is very special and that is one of the things what makes this tour so unique. This wine tasting tour takes you to some of the best wineries of the island and lets you know their history and taste their award winning wines, accompanied by gourmet snacks (typical Majorcan tapas).

The guides on the tour are very knowledgeable and passionate about wine and will teach you about different grapes that are only grown on the island and help you improve your wine tasting skills. Who could say no to that! They have different types of tours to choose amongst and if you are curious and want a life time experience see for further information.

Mirlinda Jonuzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

The guide to Mallorca’s best personal trainers

The training industry has always been an industry in constant development. The different training trends are replaced by new training methods, or old ones that have been freshened up, continuously. I myself have trained for my entire life and have had time to try out many different sports and forms of training and what I have noticed in recent years, is that the personal training has won a lot of terrain. We seem to want to determine exactly what and how we want to train and above all when it suits us to train. Flexibility and quality are particularly important in our usually stressed everyday life. I myself have tried different forms of personal training and think that if you at any time in life can indulge in training a few weeks with a personal trainer, you should really go for it. You get such an incredible kick and perform that little extra and push yourself to the limit, something that is really difficult to do when you train on your own. There is a lot to choose from in Mallorca, but here are some tips on different trainers that I have tried and that I liked very much.

Aurelio Ruiz

Aurelio Ruiz

Aurelio is a licensed personal trainer who originally comes from the football world but who is now engaged in personal training in general. His focus is on different types of outdoor training; running, yoga, stretching, core training, functional training and complementary training for golfers, cyclists, runners and tennis players. You can train individually with him, in couple or in groups. I myself go to his fast-paced and fun functional group training where we train to good music and look out over the fantastic Golf Son Muntaner’s green areas. For more information contact Aurelio (speaks English) via mobile 0034 646793009.

Silvia García del Castillo

Silvia García del Castillo

Silvia is a licensed physiotherapist and a pilates instructor. She is very disciplined and technically skilled at really all types of training she instructs in. Silvia performs her training sessions mainly at the Pure Fitness Club in Palma but is flexible and sometimes goes home to people who prefer training at home but could also do open air trainings. With Silvia you can do pilates, stretching, functional training, cardio training, preventative training and much more. If you want to push yourself a little extra, Silvia is an excellent choice. She is originally Mallorcan but speaks fluent English. For more information contact via email: [email protected]

Mateu Palmér

Mateu Palmér

Mateu has been around for a long time in the sports world and especially in the racket sports tennis and padel. He was the champion of the Balearic Islands in tennis for 10 years, multiple champion in the Balearic Islands in padel and is the current champion of the Balearic Islands in the +50 class of padel. Mateu was a long-time gym manager at the legendary MegaSport Center but and is now the current owner of Pins Padel where he gives private lessons in padel. He works with all levels, beginners as well as those who want to fine-tune their tecnique or those who simply want to develop their game. Mateu adapts to his student’s level when he plans the training sessions and has very dynamic exercises. If you have never tried padel then I can warmly recommend you to try and why not try with Mateu! You are guaranteed to sweat and a good laugh at the bargain. For more information, please contact Mateu at 0034 687404841 (he speaks English).

Mirlinda Jonuzi

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Best brunch spots in Palma

For all of you who enjoy a late breakfast, we will now recommend our selection of the best places to eat brunch in Palma. The brunch, a mix of breakfast and lunch, has become something of a trend over the last few years. And what is better than combining sleeping until late with a long sitting over a lovely breakfast and a glass of cava in the company of good friends. Or why not surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend this Valentine´s Day with Sunday brunch? These are some of our favorite places for brunch.


Avenida Jaime III 21

07012 Palma de Mallorca

At Hotel Nakar, in the center of Palma, a full Sunday brunch is served every week. The Cuit restaurant looks out over Palma with a fantastic view over the rooftops. The brunch offers everything from hot rice dishes to excellent cold cuts, and pastries. Enjoy the brunch and the excellent view while the house DJ plays music.

Sundays 12-15 h, 25 euros

OD Portals

Av. Tomás Blanes Tolosa 4,

07181 Portals Nous

At OD Portals, about once a month, a unique Mexican brunch is served combining delicious cocktails with Mexican mariachi music. It costs 28 euros which also includes a welcome drink. The brunch is served from 13-16 pm on set dates.

The other weekends, a Tasting brunch is served for 25 euros which includes drinks.

Hotel Maricel

Carretera d´Andratx 11

07181 Palma de Mallorca

Hotel Hospes Maricel is located just outside Palma in Cas Catalá. The breakfast at the hotel has been nominated the world’s best breakfast by Madrid Fusion, Spain’s most prestigious gastronomic event. And they do live up to their reputation with a breakfast menu that offers dishes such as gazpacho of blood orange and peach with basil ice cream, deconstructed potato omelet with truffle brioche and caviar among many others. The generous breakfast costs 49 euros and in the summer it is served on the beautiful terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A sitting takes between two to three hours, so prepare for an extraordinary experience.


Calle Metge Matas 2

07012 Palma de Mallorca

Santosha serves an international menu inspired by the owners’ travels and love for Mallorca. The cozy restaurant gives a homely feeling and the ingredients are largely organic and locally grown. The brunch is served Wednesday to Sunday between 10 and 13 and the set menu consists of a fresh fruit salad and avocado toast. The price is 9.50 euros.

Johanna Andersson

Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia

Saint Lucia December 13th 

Saint Lucia carries a long tradition in Scandinavia, but actually she was an Italian saint from the IV century. Saint Lucia´s day, on December 13th, is typically celebrated in different regions in Italy, as well as in Catalonia and in Scandinavia, where the day has become an important event to lighten up the dark December, and bring faith, hope and a reason to believe in good things to come. Many are the legends that accompany St Lucia martyr, defined as a carrier of light. One story tells that Saint Lucia was carrying food and aid to the Christians who were hiding in the catacombs in Rome during the IV century. To have her hands as free as possible, she lightened up her way with a crown of candles on her head. Another legend tells that Lucia was a Christian from Siracusa who was killed for her faith. Her violent death and martyrdom is symbolized by the red ribbon worn together with the white dress in the processions on St Lucia’s day. St Lucia has become a Christian festival of light, and coinciding with the Advent season, also viewed as an event signalling the arrive of Christmas and the light of Christ.

In Scandinavia light is very much needed under the darker winter months. There are many theories on how the legend of Lucia came to Sweden. It could have been brought by priests, German traders, or even by the Vikings from their adventures in southern Europe. The Italian legend has in Sweden been fused with different pagan traditions, which include the typical procession with white-dressed “Lucias”, and the male counterpart, songs, typical sweets and a lot of candles filling the air with joy and light. Churches and schools are filled with music and Christmas carols.  This tradition has now also reached Mallorca, where you can enjoy the typical Lucia concert on December 13th in the beautiful cathedral of Palma. The Swedish School is organizing this concert, and it has already become a popular tradition among Swedish, International and local residents.

Christmas Markets on Mallorca

After a warm fall, winter is coming to Mallorca, and the sierras this weekend were covered with snow creating a magical landscape. Even if the snow never tends to stay for a long time on the island, the atmosphere in December is one of Winter-joy, preparing for Christmas. For inspiration and enjoyment there are several Christmas markets where both adults and children can enjoy activities and different traditional and international dishes. Stay in Palma to walk the adorned streets or visit villages around the island and breathe in the special ambience during this time.

Puerto Portals

20 December – 6 January

Starting on December 20th, Puerto Portals will be full of festivities, shopping and food in a warm atmosphere adorned with lights and set to traditional music. Childrens’ activities are free and include storytelling, craft workshops and face painting.

Plaza Mayor

21 November – 6 January

Plaça Major is adorned with lights as always for this season, and the yearly market is filled with stalls selling Christmas decorations and gifts.


15-16 December

Alarò, a village 20 minutes drive from Palma offers traditional ambience during its annual Christmas market in the middle of December.

Genova: The picturesque village

By the foot of the mountain Na Burguesa, with beautiful architecture and views over the sea, Genova is a unique area in Palma. Keeping its picturesque atmosphere of a typical Majorcan village, Genova nowadays also has many international residents. Some of the most attractive new projects on the island are located in Genova. Recently we have listed a beautiful project of five townhouses (MFP059) managed by a local renowned developer.

Genova has its own church, school, healthcare centre, library, bakeries, and many nice restaurants. The village also keeps its traditions with yearly festivities in the summer, coinciding with the patron Saint San Salvador’s festivity in August. Genova is the perfect place for those who want to live in a quiet area with village feel, and still be close to Palma and the sea. The beaches of Cala Nova and Cala Mayor are within a short drive or a nice walk away. As family attractions, you can visit the Caves of Genova, and also the beautiful Castillo de Bellver and the large green area that surrounds the emblematic castle is within a few minutes’ walk. Palma centre is easily reached by bus or car, and there is actually also a nice bike path from Genova towards the old hospital Son Dureta and Santa Catalina. On the other hand, great beach clubs such as Zhero and Puro Beach Illetes, as well as the popular shopping centre Porto Pi, are all reached within a 10 minutes’ drive.


To give you an idea of some of the nice restaurants in Genova, here is just a few:

Kaskai – Creative Mediterranean cuisine in a simple yet elegant atmosphere. Kaskai on the top of Na Burguesa offers one of the best views over Palma.

La Rueda – Together with Casa Jacinto and Can Pedro (all located in Genova), La Rueda is one of the classic restaurants on the island with grilled meet and a great wine selection. La Rueda invites to a genuine warm atmosphere and some Spanish and South American specialities.  

Es Mussol – A charming restaurant with a beautiful terrace and a varied extensive menu with Majorcan specialties, as well as salads, crepes, meet and fish and delicious homemade desserts.

La Ximbomba – Located in a wonderful Majorcan house with a lovely patio, La Ximbomba runs an Italian kitchen, offering pizza and other Italian specialties, salads, as well as typical Majorcan dishes. Here you can taste one of the best “pa amb olis” in Palma.

Lume – In beautiful settings, Lume is located in a Majorcan stone finca with garden and patios. This restaurant offers the best of the Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, with high quality products and sustainable meet.


Maria Larsson, Team Assistant @ Mallorcaresidencia